Executive Management Consulting

I provide your management staff with corporate vision, recommendations and guidance on enterprise initiatives.  Your executive team receives the utmost attention to detail, with clear, concise explanations and value propositions that are to be built in your enterprise analytics, big data, and data warehousing initiatives. 

We work together to ensure the success of your programs, to increase productivity, add adaptability, and provide measurable successes both within and across IT and business staff.   My job, is to make your programs successful, to increase the overall ROI and ensure integrity at the team level with shared governance practices.  My services include:

  • Program Level Assessments
  • Education on Collaboration and Agility
  • Accountability and Oversight Tracking

Training and Mentoring

Absolutely vital to the success of your teams, are the aspects of proper knowledge and education.   I bring to the table over 26 years of practical experience, working with fortune 50 customers and government agencies.  The training can be tailored to meet your specific needs, from Big Data, to Analytics, to automation.   My training helps your teams overcome: lack of agility, brittle architectures, unbalanced analytics, and siloe'd solutions.

Please let me know how I can help you with your continuous integration deliveries.

Data Vault Program Assessments

I am the inventor, the author and founder of Data Vault.  I am more than happy to assess your people, processes, technology, and models from across the corporation and provide you with a full program level assessment.  The assessment includes: agility, collaboration, IT processes, data warehousing best practices, big data fit, utilization of NoSQL, and more.

This assessment goes beyond just the simple Data Vault model.  It looks deep in to your teams abilities to execute on the vision at the corporate level.  It reviews the nature of deliveries and offers insights in to continuous improvement techniques, along side of auditability, business communication, and accountability.

If you have a Data Vault styled warehouse, and you either have issues cropping up, or you are simply interested in finding out what you are doing well, and not so well - then this assessment is for you.