Big Data and Data Vault

I am working hard at building and releasing Data Vault 2.0 specifications for data warehousing.  Included in these specifications are Big Data (NoSQL) systems implementation rules and standards.

I am also delighted to announce that I’ve been working with Hive, and HBase for this past year.  There are significant advancements in the technology which can make it seamless with SQL environments.  You can follow my blog at

In 2013 I will also be offering the following services:

* Big Data Assessment & Consulting Services

* NoSQL Platform selection

* Big Data ETL Assessment and Consulting Services

* Data Vault 2.0 Training and Certification

The tools I specialize in include: Spoon / Kettle, and Informatica PowerCenter.

The technologies I will be working with include Amazon RedShift (Amazon S3 + Paraccel), Cloudera, MapR, HBase, Hive, and Hadoop.  In the traditional / relational world, I offer services and expertise around Teradata, MS SQLServer, Sybase, Oracle Exadata, and DB2 UDB.


About the Author Dan

I am an independent data warehousing consultant who created the Data Vault Model and Methodology. You can find out more about Data Vault by clicking: - on this site, you can discover all information pertaining to my consulting practice