Empowered Holdings Forges Ahead

Empowered Holdings LLC continues to successfully grow.  The demand for Business Intelligence consulting is incredible, particularly around Data Vault (#datavault) modeling and methodology, along with the new surge in interest in #bigdata.

Empowered Holdings has a big impact in the local community, we are active in our local church and non-profit organizations.  We believe in giving 10% or more of our profits to the organizations who perform God’s work with the donations.

In business, we are moving ahead with our growth plans.  We are now working with some vendors to bring Data Vault modeling to market faster and easier than ever before.  If you’ve not yet got your fix for Data Vault, then head on over to http://LearnDataVault.com to purchase the e-book.  You also will receive a downloadable copy of the NDC data Vault National Drug Code), Informatica ETL loading code examples, data models for staging area, and Data Vault along with the data sets to play with.

We are pleased to announce the first of a long-line of on-line e-learning video classes, which will be targeted at the business Intelligence space going forward.  You can find out more about this, by contacting us today.

Dan Linstedt

About the Author Dan

I am an independent data warehousing consultant who created the Data Vault Model and Methodology. You can find out more about Data Vault by clicking: http://danLinstedt.com - on this site, you can discover all information pertaining to my consulting practice