Launch of the Data Vault Technical Book

In case you hadn’t noticed…. I’m way out of my comfort zone in marketing.  I am very lucky and blessed to have the help of a true friend in this area, and boy is he great.  God has given me the talent to write, speak, teach and grow in Data Warehousing and enterprise systems.  God has blessed my friend with true marketing talents.

You’ve really got to believe in God, have faith in your spirituality to get through these hard times.  You can’t look down the end of the road and see all the darkness that’s coming, no – that’s the evil one trying to tear us down, and as God’s children we should stand up, and look skyward.  We should hold fast to our beliefs, we should ban together and use our talents and strengths to shine God’s light in to the world.

So there you have it…    My talents are Data Warehousing, Systems Architecture, ETL, Engineering and Design.  I also had really great writing teachers along the way.  So, I spent the last year and a half or so writing my technical Data Vault Modeling & Methodology book.

If you wouldn’t mind, spreading the word, and telling people where to go – they can sign up for FREE and get a bunch of bonus material at:

You can also subscribe to the YouTube channel ID: LearnDataVault

Let me know what you think!

Dan Linstedt

About the Author Dan

I am an independent data warehousing consultant who created the Data Vault Model and Methodology. You can find out more about Data Vault by clicking: - on this site, you can discover all information pertaining to my consulting practice