Real-Time Business Intelligence

From a business users perspective.  I’ve recently written a brand new article that discusses what Business users and IT need to know before deciding to implement / mandate / pass-down the edict of developing a real-time BI solution.  This article is completely free for you to download in PDF format.  I would appreciate however, if you read the article that you return to comment on it here – I’d like to know what you think of the article.

Here’s the abstract of the article:

© Dan Linstedt, 2010 – This document introduces the ideas around real-time information processing in the business intelligence arena.  Insights, rewards and risks are covered at a business level; including costs of acquisition and probabilities of success.  If you’re interested in RT for BI, then this report might be for you.   Source: – Coaching

Click HERE to download the article: 2010-Information in Real-Time

About the Author Dan

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