The business of Lowering TCO

We are in the business of lowering your TCO for your enterprise database systems.  We offer a unique consulting service that focuses on consolidating disparate instances of databases to a single managable instance.  Sometimes this is known as creating an Operational Data Store, other times this is known as consolidating multiple Star Schemas, and sometimes this is known as consolidating multiple source systems.

Using our unique enablement tool, we can consolidate systems in weeks rather than months.  This includes generating the data movement code to “get the data” out of the original disparate systems, and moving it to the newly consolidated model.

We offer this service for operational systems,  operational data stores, data warehouses, and data marts.

We also track the data lineage through the consolidation effort, and use the lineage to generate “ETL” logic to move the data.  **Note: we are not an ETL tool, we do not run the ETL, we produce ETL code for import to: Informatica, Pentaho, OWB, Data Stage, etc… and we also produce SQL (Stored Procedures) for Sybase, SQLServer, Oracle, and DB2 UDB.

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About the Author Dan

I am an independent data warehousing consultant who created the Data Vault Model and Methodology. You can find out more about Data Vault by clicking: - on this site, you can discover all information pertaining to my consulting practice