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Work that I’m engaged on…

I have the privilege of working on a couple contracts that hopefully will make peoples lives better.  One program is a Data Vault for tracking patient visits, prescriptions, and events – the results of this Data Vault will feed the BI solution that allows doctors and medical professionals around the world help keep people safe, […]

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The business of Lowering TCO

We are in the business of lowering your TCO for your enterprise database systems.  We offer a unique consulting service that focuses on consolidating disparate instances of databases to a single managable instance.  Sometimes this is known as creating an Operational Data Store, other times this is known as consolidating multiple Star Schemas, and sometimes […]

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Welcome to Empowered Holdings

Welcome to Empowered Holdings, LLC.  We are (today) a company of one person: me.  Dan Linstedt.  I hope to bring you stories of enlightenment, positive messages, and how God is affecting my professional life.  I hope you find this interesting, as I will be also blogging about my company, what I am doing, working on […]

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